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MTS-No.: 21037-01

MSCC-10, Shielded Carrying Case


The Shielded Carrying Case MSCC-10 has been specifically designed for the forensic field. At the transportation of retained mobile devices a remote deletion of data is thereby prevented. Any kind of mobile phones can be transported and stored with it. The Shielded Carrying Case protects therefore easily and securely against data theft.

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MTS Shielded Carrying Cases are ideal in the context of mobile phone forensics.

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Micro Systemation (  is a specialist digital forensics company that manufactures tools to recover and analyse data from mobiles. The MSAB core product XRY can run on any Windows PC and will allow you to recover data from thousands of different cell phones, GPS devices & tablets.

Bild / Picture MSCC-10
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  • 700 MHz - 3000 MHz (up to 6000 MHz on request)
  • 403 x 303 x 90 outside dimensions (L x W x H in mm)
  • 363 x 263 x 86 inside dimensions (L x W x H in mm)
  • As option: 5V power interface with RF filter