RK3 Hybrid Coupler for LTE und Wi-Fi



RK3 Hybrid Coupler for LTE und Wi-Fi

The 3 dB Hybrid Couplers of series RK3-5xxP-6G was developed for the use in the frequency range from 700 MHz up to 6000 MHz and are therefore suitable for the most common mobile communication standards such as GSM, UMTS and LTE as well as Bluetooth, DECT and Wi-Fi.

Due to the multi-section stripline design very good specifications will be achieved at all ports.

The Hybrid Couplers have a RF-tight housing and are available with SMA or N connectors.

Data-Sheet_RK3-SMA-6G 258
Data Sheet_RK3-N-6G 331
S-Parameters_RK3-SMA-6G 304
S-Parameters_RK3-N-6G 304

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  • Frequency range 700 MHz – 6000 MHz
  • 3 dB
  • Excellent VSWR 1.1 : 1 typ. (SMA), 1.2 : 1 typ. (N)
  • Low insertion loss 0.4 dB typ.
  • High isolation 26 dB typ. (SMA), 23 dB typ. (N)
  • Exceptional amplitude and phase balance
  • SMA or N connectors, Impedance 50 Ω
  • Input power 50 W max.