MX-8X2/2+2X8/8-6G, Semiconductor Switching Matrix



MX-8X2/2+2X8/8-6G, Semiconductor Switching Matrix

The MX-8×2/2+2×8/8-6G is an RF-Matrix made of three matrices with dividers and semiconductor switches. It can be used for several applications, f.e.:

  • Switching Unit for RF-generators, amplifiers and antennas at EMC test laboratories
  • Filter, diplexer attenuator etc. selection unit
  • Any automated routing of measurement

At the MX-8×2/2+2×8/8-6G all of the outputs can be connected to maximum one input simultaneously. This can be the same input for
up to eight outputs. The configuration is 16 inputs and 16 outputs. In combination with attenuators, splitters and other modules the usability can be extended.

The operating frequency range of the switch covers 500 Mhz to 6000 Mhz. It is perfect for use in LTE and 5G test applications.

It automates test labs by replacing cumbersome patch panels and can be controlled easily via RS-232, LAN or a web control (on request) interface.

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  • Frequency range 500 MHz – 6000 MHz
  • Bidirectional, made of three intern matrices with dividers and semiconductor switches (16 inputs, 16 outputs)
  • Good VSWR 1.4 : 1 typ.
  • Low insertion loss 24 dB typ.
  • Ultra-high isolation 130 dB typ.
  • Input power +30 dBm max.
  • RS-232 and LAN interface
  • RF-connections N-female