LT3 Wilkinson Power Dividers / Combiners for LTE and L-Band



LT3 Wilkinson Power Dividers / Combiners for LTE and L-Band

The symmetrical 3-way power divider LT3-544P-4G with SMA connectors (MTS no. 24901) and LT3-588P-4G with N connectors (MTS no. 24915) are developed to work for the frequency range from 500 MHz to 4000 MHz. Therefore these well cascadable splitters are useable for telecom applications (e.g. GSM, DECT, UMTS, Bluetooth and all LTE frequency bands up to 4 GHz) as well as in the satellite communications (L-band) and are manufactured for the LTE range especially.

All multi-section power dividers of the LT-series are Wilkinson dividers and can also be used as combiners. In addition to a max. input power of 10 W these low-attenuation threeway splitters have an excellent VSWR and low insertion loss. A further advantage of our power dividers (combiners/splitters) are the exceptional amplitude and phase balance.

Data Sheet_LT3-SMA 233
Data Sheet_LT3-N 244
S-Parameters_LT3-SMA 226
S-Parameters_LT3-N 226

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  • Frequency range 500 MHz – 4000 MHz
  • 3 outputs
  • Excellent VSWR 1.15 : 1 avg. (SMA), 1.2 : 1 avg. (N) *
  • Low insertion loss 0.7 dB typ.
  • High isolation 25 dB typ. *
  • Exceptional amplitude and phase balance
  • Connectors SMA or N female, impedance 50 Ω
  • Input power 10 W / 1 W CW max.

* @ 700 MHz – 3600 MHz