FSW Series, bias tees



FSW Series, bias tees

The operating power of active components, e.g. amplifiers, will be supplied through the coaxial cable using the DC coupling module. The RF signal will be blocked. The coaxial bias tees FSW-series work for the frequency range from 50 MHz to 2 GHz and will be delivered with different connectors as standard.

These passive bias tees have a supply voltage of 12 V / 200 mA max. and are available with 50 ohms impedance as standard.

Data Sheet_FSW-Series 645

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  • Frequency range 50 MHz – 2 GHz
  • <li>Supply voltage 12 V / 200 mA max.</li> 12 V / 200 mA max.
  • Insertion loss 2 dB typ.
  • Connectors BNC, SMA, TNC or N female 50 Ω
    (75 Ω on request)