MTS shielding boxes for different applications

What is a shielding box?

At MTS Systemtechnik, we call a shielding box a metallic housing that shields almost all electromagnetic fields in the environment (Faraday cage).
EMC shielded boxes are essential for reliable testing of radio interfaces. The RF shielded boxes enable reliable and reproducible measurements when a shielded test environment is required.

Test setup for implementing automated software tests on mobile devices

The system supports you in implementing automated software tests on mobile devices that require changing the SIM card or roaming tests of mobile phones.

Autonomous solution for radio measurements and monitoring

This pickup (we can also offer other vehicle types as a basic model) as a vehicle is perfectly suitable for everyday use and including our equipment carrier is externally indistinguishable from normal vehicles. It distinguishes itself by its high range as well as by its various application possibilities.
No matter where your work assignments take you – with this vehicle you are on the road particularly efficiently and safely on all routes.

Our solution for your home office

MTS Device Web Control

For your home office we supply the new MTS Device Web Control for devices of the MTS system technology, such as relay switching units, air interface adapters, standard coupling fields, attenuator units and others.

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MIMO Test solution

MTS Systemtechnik has developed the MIMO Tester as an optimal platform for simulating MIMO scenarios in the lab. This device is suitable both for emulating antenna diversity and for beamforming and can be used for HSPA+, LTE, or WLAN tests. The channel matrix can be emulated by attenuators and delay lines, each of which can be digitally adjusted.

Chaos at the RF patch field? – It doesn’t have to be!

MTS Systemtechnik offers switching matrix systems that are ideally suited for the RF networking of test stations for tests in the fields of mobile radio, IoT, Bluetooth, WLAN and government radio. By using new types of semiconductor switches (HLS), we are able to offer automatic RF patch panels at low cost.

Standard coupling field – Flexible handover emulator

Our flexible handover emulators can be used to attenuate two or three pairs of signals and to cobinate each to one output signal. In addition, the devices are equipped with level detectors and handover controls.

Special applications of the relay switching unit KRE-4000

Our KRE-4000 series relay switching units are mainly used for the automation of EMC tests. They control the switching between the individual power amplifiers to enable a broadband measurement according to test standard without manual switching. The selection of the relays is done individually according to the customer’s requirements (frequency range up to 50 GHz possible). However, the application of the switch panels from MTS Systemtechnik is not limited to this relatively simple case. By means of examples the flexible application of this powerful device concept will be shown.

Air Interface Emulators for current communication technologies

Modern radio technologies such as IoT, TETRA, Smart Metering, MIMO, Car to Car, military communication and many more require new test solutions. Not so much the frequency range, but the classic structure in mobile communication from the sender side to the receiver side was abolished.