MTS shielding boxes for different applications

Andreas Weiss

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Shielding box what is it actually? 

At MTS Systemtechnik, we call a shielding box a metallic housing that shields almost all electromagnetic fields in the environment (subject of Faraday cage).
EMC shielded boxes are essential for reliable testing of radio interfaces. RF shielded boxes enable reliable and reproducible measurements when a shielded test environment is required.
In research and development laboratories as well as in test, calibration and manufacturing processes of electronic products, a shielded environment is required to prevent spurious emissions or interference of unwanted radio signals.
Using the right equipment ensures an optimal environment, saving a considerable amount of time and reducing costs.

These processes require an appropriate shielding box. We manufacture individual shielding boxes in different sizes, with special interfaces and/or various filter components in our own mechanical milling centre and in our own electronic production. With our many years of technological know-how and expertise in the design and manufacture of the shielding boxes, we implement the customer’s requirements accordingly and are thus flexible in the realisation.
MTS Systemtechnik GmbH also already has a large number of EMC-shielded boxes in its range. This makes it possible to offer an appropriate solution for almost all areas in which a defined RF environment is required. The extremely solid and high-quality design offers an extremely long service life without having to accept any compromises in operability.

What else do we offer? 

In addition to our devices and systems, assemblies and components in the field of high-frequency technology, we are also able to manufacture housings or assemblies in small and medium series in a timely and dimensionally accurate manner using our own CNC milling centres.


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