Test setup for implementing automated software tests on mobile devices

Andreas Weiss

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MSB meets MSSB – A cooperation with QUALIGON GmbH



The test setup consists of:

  • Matrix SIM Switchbox MSSB
  • Radio field simulation Air Interface Adapter (attenuator unit)
  • Shielding box slide-in system MSBU

With the Matrix SIM Switchbox MSSB, up to 32 SIM cards can be automatically connected to up to 4 mobile devices. Switching is done via a graphical user interface (Web-GUI) or via a REST-API with HTTP commands. The system supports you in implementing automated software tests on mobile devices that require changing the SIM card or roaming tests of mobile phones. Our current customers include mobile phone companies, professional APP developers, test houses, mobile phone manufacturers and management consultancies.


  • Software-controlled switching from SIM cards to end devices for integration into automated software tests
  • Control via a graphical interface (Web-GUI) or via a REST-API with HTTP commands
  • Different versions 8×4, 16×2, 32×1, 4×1 for switching or multiplexing a maximum of 32 SIM cards on up to 4 mobile devices
  • Real SIM switching, no SIM virtualization
  • Complete, transparent access to the SIM cards
  • Direct support in the test system platforms for e.g. Perfecto and Experitest
  • Desktop housing for one MSSB or 19” rack housing for up to 3 MSSB available

The Air Interface Emulator (AIAD) offers a test possibility for mobile radio base stations and mobile devices in the laboratory via the air interface. Reproducible RF tests can thus be performed independently of live networks and radio interference from the environment. With our AIAD devices you have the possibility to efficiently test a variety of specific handover scenarios. Sources of error can thus be quickly and reliably localized in the laboratory. Our radio field simulations were developed for mobile phone tests from 2G to 5G FR1, but can also be used for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other radio technologies.

Many programmable attenuators are connected in a matrix (full-fan-in full-fan-out attenuation matrix) to simulate different radio conditions of the air interface. The AIAD is connected on one side to different base station signals and on the other side to different mobile devices in a corresponding shielding box via an antenna (accessory). This allows tests without interference from the environment and without disturbing mobile subscribers in live networks. The desired attenuation values can be set separately for all signal paths between the base stations and the mobile devices. The various attenuators (1 dB, 2 dB, 4 dB, 8 dB etc.) are switched into the signal path in such a way that all attenuations are possible in 1 dB steps from 0 to 95 dB. The selection of the attenuation levels is done by the built-in logic. The selected attenuation has the same effect in both uplink and downlink direction. The switching of the attenuation levels is uninterrupted and is continuous. Many programmable attenuators are connected together with splitters and combiners to form a matrix to realistically emulate various radio conditions in the field.


  • Different types of handover test scenarios are possible. Switching time < 10 ms (TTL version available with 50 µs switching time)
  • Supply of interference sources, e.g. noise for BER test
  • Robust design through semiconductor switched attenuation
  • No calibration required

The Shielded Box Unit (MSBU) can be used for measurements and tests of electronic devices such as mobile phones without electromagnetic interference from the environment.

MTS Systemtechnik GmbH has developed a compact EMC shielded plug-in housing to meet multi-purpose requirements. The stable construction of the shielded box (MSBU series) is predestined for industrial long-term tests. To offer maximum flexibility and user-friendliness, the shielding box unit consists of six independent shielding chambers (other configurations are possible), each equipped with RF and communication interfaces. This allows the shielding box unit to be used for different tests or by different users at the same time. The operation of the DUTs can be done independently for each chamber via the communication interfaces supplied.


  • Highest quality materials for extended service life and high level of testing
  • Economical solution for high RF shielding and reproducible test scenarios to avoid time-consuming and expensive tests in laboratories
  • Suitable for frequencies between 700 MHz and 6000 MHz
  • 19″ rack-mounted housing
  • A wide range of supply and communication interfaces
  • Changes / modifications according to customer requirements possible


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