Autonomous solution for radio measurements and monitoring

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The autonomous solution for mobile, measurement, monitoring and communication vehicles

This pickup (we can also offer other vehicle types as a basic model) as a vehicle is perfectly suitable for everyday use and including our equipment carrier is externally indistinguishable from normal vehicles. It distinguishes itself by its high range as well as by its various application possibilities.
No matter where your work assignments take you – with this vehicle you are on the road particularly efficiently and safely on all routes.

Drive Test Measuring Vehicle
Versatile landing gear

The use of an aircraft landing gear is indispensable in our Alround special vehicles. It offers comfortable driving in the city as well as on unpaved roads. Especially with our special “Underground Garage Setup” it ensures that our vehicles can park in any underground garage up to 2 m entrance height by lowering.

Inconspicuous appearance

Adapted to the specifications for the unimpaired use of radio equipment, we have developed a special structure as a closed technology carrier for your special requirements. All necessary components can be accommodated in it safely, comfortably and invisibly from the outside. Due to our specifications, the equipment carrier is inconspicuous and not recognisable as such.

Air conditioning and dehumidification

In our vehicles, the equipment rack is equipped with its own air conditioning and dehumidification. This provides an ideal working environment even under difficult external conditions. The control is conveniently carried out from the passenger compartment.

Multiple power input

Of course, the equipment of our vehicles includes the possibility of an external power supply (230V when stationary) as well as a permanent supply of approx. 2 kWh during operation.

Ergonomic workplace

The control of the available instruments in our vehicles can be done comfortably from the passenger seat. Among other things, an integrated monitor and a permanent connection to the respective modules are available for this purpose.

Stabilized electrical system

Our vehicle’s internal electrical system is stabilized and supplies the consumers with 12V, 24V, 48V and 230V voltage. All necessary instruments, movable elements, PCs and other devices can be operated with this power supply.

Independent power supply

In the event that operation is to take place without the engine running, e.g. when travelling on a ferry or similar, our UPS technology guarantees a sufficient power supply when the vehicle is stationary.

Trouble-free operation

In order to enable the measurement of mobile radio signals without RF shadowing and easy access to technology for maintenance work, we have developed a specially controlled lifting unit. It is suitable for up to 16 TCM modules. Thanks to our modular lifting table, a wide variety of fixtures can be integrated.

Low maintenance and insusceptible to faults

The most important prerequisite for the planning of our vehicles is that they are not susceptible to faults and require little maintenance. For this reason, we only use tested and standardised industrial components. This ensures, among other things, that spare parts are available if required and can be installed quickly.


  • Universal equipment carrier
  • 5G
  • All types of radio measurements
  • Radio optimisation
  • Benchmarking
  • Troubleshooting
  • IMSI Catcher
  • Optional radio direction finder
  • TETRA applications
  • Independent power supply can be used almost everywhere (e.g. silent mode)

Other possible uses:

  • Jammer Technology
  • Drone Defense
  • Surveillance
  • Bugging devices
  • etc.



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