Standard coupling field – Flexible handover emulator

Andreas Weiss

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Our flexible handover emulators can be used to attenuate two or three pairs of signals and to cobinate each to one output signal. In addition, the devices are equipped with level detectors and handover controls.

The SCF, AIAD or PAH devices from MTS Systemtechnik offer the possibility of testing mobile radio base stations and mobile stations via the air interface. This enables reproducible RF tests independent of radio interference from the environment. The MTS air interface emulators were developed for mobile radio testing, but can also be used for WiFi, Bluetooth and other radio technologies. The Standard Coupling Field can be used for the GSM, UMTS and also for the LTE frequency range. The new SCF-0600 device even covers the frequency range from 0.7 to 6 GHz.

Function of the air interface emulators

Various attenuators (1 dB, 2 dB, 4 dB, 8 dB etc.) can be switched into the signal path via semiconductor switches. All attenuation values in the range of 0 to 95 dB in 1 dB steps are possible. A built-in logic selects the required attenuation steps. In these programmable attenuators, the RF is transmitted bidirectionally (uplink and downlink have the same attenuation). The internal attenuation steps are switched continuously and without interruptions. In the Standard Coupling Field several programmable attenuators are built in together with various signal splitters and signal combiners to emulate the RF through an attenuation network.
What kind of tests can be performed?

  • Different mobile radio handover test scenarios (Inter-Cell-, Inter-System- etc.) are possible. Switching time < 10 ms (TTL version with 50 ┬Ás switching time is available).
  • Feed-in of an interference source e.g. for bit error rate tests.
  • Tests in a live network (with a portable PAH model and a built-in multiplexer filter).

Standard Coupling Field SCF-0600

The SCF-0600 is an extended version of our previous SCF-0150 / SCF-03xx series, for more signal paths, a greatly extended frequency range and higher input power. It emulates the air interface between 12 input and 10 output connectors. Each signal path can be attenuated separately by programmable attenuators. For each input port a level detector distinguishes two different signal power thresholds. A green LED illuminates when the signal is in the range -45 dBm to +10 dBm, and a red LED indicates a potentially excessive power above +10 dBm (the thresholds on the SCF-0601 are different: -40dBm and +15 dBm). The desired attenuation values can be set manually (via up/down keys and display) or remotely via the RS-232, LAN or USB interface. The additionally supplied RK3 hybrid couplers (=3dB couplers) can be used for further signal combination or distribution as required.


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